Employment Card Extension Procedure

Let´s extend your EC

Before your EC (Employee card) is expired, we can apply for an extension for multiple times, every time for a maximum of 2 years. We can apply:

1) with the same Employer;

2) different Employer.

We can start the process a minimum 120 days before but latest 1 day before the expiry date of the card.

Great news! Once you ́re in the process of an extension, you can continue working on the same position that is related to the EC until you receive a result from the government.  

The application process takes about 30 days and we will be happy to handle all the process, so you can be focused on your professional development and just chill.

It cost you XXX czk, no stress or time waste and it is pretty much worth it! 

What documents we need from your side

  1. A number of an open position from the company that you ́re applying to. Don ́t you have it? No worries, we will communicate this with your HR department;
  2. Prove of expertize original (CZ driving license, diploma, etc.);
  3. Accommodation confirmation in the Czech Republic, if you have it. Other ways we will arrange one for you;
  4. A new Working contract;
  5. Photo 2x -> actual version;
  6. Passport copy;
  7. Power of Attorney to one of our representatives;

...Once we collect all documents and make an appointment to submit, give us 30 days and we have your EC extended, hurray! 

Collecting documents        

Submitting an Application     ↦

Receiving a positive result  


Day 1

Day 14

Day 45

We are looking forward to discussing your case individually.  Get in touch! 

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